exercise one

Close your eyes. Ensure you will not be disturbed. This is the most important rule and will have consequences if it is broken.

Begin this process at 12:19AM. There is no consequence to not following this rule other than failure.

You must ensure complete silence. Wear earplugs if this cannot be guaranteed.

Flashing light is ideal for this method. Three second pauses between flashes have been particularly effective.
If this is not possible, you must have complete darkness.
If you have used guided meditations in the past, this may work against you.
These meditations focus on grounding you to reality and this isn't our goal.

Be mindful as you navigate this method not to fall into the habit of grounding.

Take three deep breaths. Inhale for a count of seven, hold for three. Exhale out of your mouth for six.
After these breaths have been taken, it is essential that you do not move your body.
Do not scratch an itch, do not pay attention to any noises that you might hear. Your body will do everything in its power to distract you and you cannot let it.

Continue to breathe deeply, but do not focus on your breath. Let it become an automatic process, let it fade into the background.
If you have done the above correctly, your body may begin to tingle or itch. It may become almost unbearable. You must push through.

When physical sensations have ceased, your mind will be the next obstacle. You may experience racing thoughts and may feel a sense of anxiety or panic. The CIA's research defines this sensation as 'an emotional reaction originating in the lower cerebral region'.
Reassure yourself that you are (physically) safe.

Once these thoughts have subsided (they will. It will take time), you will now focus on sensations that are not real. If someone were to touch your hand, what would it feel like? Focus on recreating this sensation, or another. Do this again and again until it begins to feel real.

Proceed with your other senses.
If you were in the middle of a forest at night, what would you hear? What would you smell?

At this point in the process, you may begin to experience hallucinations.
You must remain completely still. Soon, you will begin to feel as if you cannot move your body even if you tried.
At this point, you will be blind.
You will now begin to 'pattern'. Your objective, known only to you, must be focused on with considerable intensity. This is the most dangerous part of the process.
Monroe trainers advise not to force this step due to a risk of dislocating your existing reality. I believe forcing through is the most effective way, depending on your desired results.
Either way, know that there are consequences for whichever route you choose.

After this step is completed, a version of color breathing can be utilised. The most widely accepted form of this method is by visualising a color (or many), to represent your energy field as you continue to breath deeply.
In this method, you will not focus on your breathing. The color visualisation must be contained in your mind.
If you focus on any physical sensation, you will have to re-start the process.
Focus on this color now, a representation of your energy field. Begin to move it, to flex it like a muscle. Soon you will begin to feel this sensation. This is the point of no return.

Allow the color to spill out of your mind, not into the physical world around you, but into something unknown. You may experience a sharp pain or a pulling sensation. Do not allow these sensations to catch you off guard.
Remain focused.
Fashion the color into a vortex, a swirling portal.

Enter the portal.